100MM (4 inches) Double Plastic Omni Wheel Basic SET of 4 Pcs


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This 100mm plastic Omni wheel could be mounted to 3WD Triangular 100mm Omni wheels mobile robot kit.


100MM (4 inches) Double Plastic Omni Wheel Basic Set of 4 Pcs

The (4 inches) 100mm plastic Omni wheel is a robust, durable, double-row wheel that provides easy 360° movement and rotational and sideways maneuverability.

Key Features

Omni direction movement and rotation
Easily direction control and tracking
Make turning fast
Unique fixed orientation
Simple & stable mounting options
Superior load stability

Compatible Hubs

6mm Hub 18007
8mm Hub 18008
10mm Hub 18009
12mm Hub 18010
16mm Hub 18012
12mm Key Hub 18017


Diameter: 4 inches(100mm)
Axial width: 16mm
Number of plates: 2
Number of rollers: 18
Body material: Nylon
Roller material: Rubber
Roller bearing material: Brass tube
Roller diameter: 19mm
Net weight: 290g
Load capacity: 20kg


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